How are we doing in the global market?

We have new production facilities taking responsibility for developing our beers, wines and spirit brands. This new group is keenly placed to increase activity with all its portfolio concentrating on one significant business structure.

Since our 2015 re-organisation, Devine Distillates has signed new a new contract beers to the Asian market for distribution of several millions bottles of our mini 25cl bottle beer. We have also achieved new long term contracts for millions of bottles and cans of beer in sizes 33cl combined. Not only that, but, Devine Distillates has entered new markets in Africa. Since 2016, we established contracts for 50cl beer cans which is a significant growth region for our global plan.

Having a new portfolio of wines and new packaging, is a testament to our innovation to produce striking new brands images for our products. During 2016, we have secured new agreements in global markets for red wines amounting new growth plans for 2017/18. Our new contract show great quality. Now in our wines range, we have a Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah wine variety. The wine range has been extended with new grape varieties such has Garnacha, Tempranillo and other varieties grown for our brands.

The production of our spirits portfolio has also experience some growth. In 2016, we managed to implement a new range of single malt Scotch Whisky and age statement ranging from 21-year-old to 32-year-old “straight from the barrel” malts. Our Scottish Whisky range will be a significant addition to the groups sales plan for targeted countries where Scotch whisky is in high demand.