D’Vine Distillates Group takes on the lucrative Philippines market with new operations.

With 104 million in the region of the Philippines, DeVine has opened its first Asian office in Manila city to take on this profitable market place.


Plans for extensive distribution have started to take shape with the opening of the new distribution plans for the Philippines. DeVine announced that it will start the recruitment process to take onboard key personnel to manage the new operations. Plans include: a country-based wholesaler and retailer management team, a new management center will be opened and a distribution point for this strict terrain of logistics. For example, regulations in Manila do not allow daytime deliveries, this is due to the heavy traffic issues in the metro area of the country.


The company will manage its own imports and distribution together with a team of experts to manage late night deliveries in the country.


DeVine already have a well-established reputation in the Philippines through HORECA connections and companies willing to retail and resell their new portfolio of drink brands.