DeVine Distillates Group have created award winning Craft beers and Real Ale beer brands.

DeVine Distillates has created a range of new and exciting labels for the international market. Managed by the directors of the DeVine Distillates Group, Real Ales and Craft beers are produced through DeVine’s Strong House Brewery company.

The new DeVine Distillates range is currently selling around the U.K under other brand label names and the brewing house name of Magpie brewery. Their strong House Brewery pasturised beers and real ales are also under the Magpie brewery portfolio. DeVine’s new labels are specifically designed to meet international market conditions with quirky names, new bottling designs and new sizes within the range.

DeVine’s beer range includes a Traditional range and an Exceptional range. The Traditional range includes: IPA, Stouts and Pale Ale of varying alcohol percentages. Meanwhile, the Exceptional range includes Goggins IPA, Hawkeye Stout, Crick Neck, Brit-ish, Urban and Urban power, Asoro and many more.