The drinks Group Holdings is one of the fastest growing drinks brands business and internationally diverse group in the United Kingdom today.

The Drinks Group Holdings is a leading ASB (Alcohol Spirit Business) with an infrastructure to create beer, wines and spirits for a global audience and key international markets.

Why choose us

The group activities are carried out through a range of companies with the following six entities.

  • Loch Shiel Whisky Ltd (Whisky Brands)
  • Ron de Mestizo Ltd (Rum Based Brands)
  • Josey Reyes Bodega Ltd (Wines Brands)
  • House of St Giles (Gin Brands)
  • Casa Vizzini
  • Devine Distillates Group (Manufacturing) Ltd
  • Devine Distillates Group Inc (Philippines)
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Profitable growth

With a strong brand strategy and increased market presence, we aim to maximise our growth plan profitability by increased partnerships, new markets and corporate acquisitions. We aim to challenge key disruptors to achieve our long-term objectives.
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This has lead The Drinks Group to consolidate a significant and stable presence in global markets across Latin, Asia and EU with its brands. The aim is to drive activity in these regions, while developing new markets with the appropriate risk management, leveraged by current capacity and established alliances with local partners
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Operational excellence

This is a fundamental levers for the management of complex and innovative brand operations in a global market. Promotion of employee talent and centres of excellence and innovation improve its competitive position In the different markets, governed by our best practices in project management and personal safety. Its commitment to the environment,, society and its employees are key for the development of operational excellence and innovation, which are The Drinks Group distinguishing features.