The Drinks Group vision is to shape the future through brand development, sustainable infrastructure and operational excellence, innovation, creating true value for society, employees and investors alike.


The company’s core values are to meet the legal and social responsibility with a common-sense approach that meets regulation with a measured judgement, united front, and good practice.

We strive to support communities that work within our industry sector. We provide our people with opportunities to devote their time, talent and energy to support the cause of our day-to-day business.

As a company whose purpose is to deliver products, it is essential for us to make the health and well being of our own employees a priority. We strive to enhance the ability of all our staff with training and development, so that they have the ability to both grow professionally and meet the innovative and creative challenges of our evolving business.


The Drinks Group Holdings is committed to innovation as a key element to drive change in the way we produce our products and interact with consumer engagement.

With the development of new recipe ideas, which in turn, creates healthier products. Using Ingredients into our products to meet new and emmerging market trend in health conscious consumers.

We are creating and implementing new symbols for consumers to identify key ingredients health benefits in our products and including industry best practice.

Digital Excellence
We embrace new and emerging technology to interact and engage with consumers.


Operational excellence demands the highest standard of quality.

As part of the corporate structure, we are striving to achieve ISO standards of operation and product quality throughout all the companies under The Drinks Group Holdings Ltd.

Quality Certification
With international exports, we issue quality assurance certificates and production health certificate backed by our registration with local authority.

Our production facilities are registered Health certified standards to maintain quality.


The range of resources through The Drinks Group Holding businesses include:

Cognac, Scotch Whisky, pasteurised beer, UK craft beer, Spanish wines, Bulgarian wines, Italian wines, vodka distilling, gin distilling.

There are a range of companies managing the portfolio of brands we sell globally.

Get a Piece of the pie with your favourite drinks group. A diverse portfolio of brands and companies with beers wines and spirit products and an International market.

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