CEO SIGNS NEW CASA VIZZINI CONTRACT Ceo Peter J Robson the Nottingham  based head of The Drinks Group Holdings, completed a contract to supply Casa Vizzini Ltd Prosecco premium brand to Hunan based Chinese company. Peterj went on to say, “I am delighted to welcome our new partners from the Hunan region of China. We […]

New Cognac facility in France joins The House Of St Giles portfolio.

House Of St Giles Ltd are proud to announce it is working with a modern, efficient new brandy and Cognac facility in Bordeaux. Nestled in the area of Saint-Trojan, the distillery is in the heart of the Grand Cognac region. The new facility has blending, distilling and bottling all on one site. Following the House […]

New Office Locations. As part of our global brand support program.

Devine Distillates Group the marketing company for all brand, opens new locations, committed to growth plans for the international market for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. The company entered into several markets and extended its brand presence in Asia, the Americas. As part of the global brand development, Devine Distillates opened several new locations for its brand export […]

Jose Reyes Bodega rebrands its core wine range with new packaging.

Through the wine company Jose Reyes Bodega, DeVine Distillates’s has put together a marketing strategy for the new to enter the international markets. The new branded wines portfolio and packaging is a welcome sign of the success of the wine portfolio in the trade. Our re-packaged premium selection includes: red wines, white wines, the sparkling […]