About Us

The Drinks Group Holdings Ltd is a diverse and fast growing drinks brands group headquartered in the United Kingdom. Its group business has brands that are produced and exported worldwide.

The company has a range of business that own premium brands in beer, wines and spirit with over fifty core products in the portfolio across the group companies.

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Our Pillars

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With a strong brand strategy and increased market presence, we aim to maximise our growth plan profitability by increased partnerships.
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This has lead The Drinks Group to consolidate a significant and stable presence in global markets across Latin, Asia and EU with its brands.
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This is a fundamental levers for the management of complex and innovative brand operations in a global market.
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Its commitment to the environment, society and its employees are key for the development of operational excellence and innovation.



Continuing dynamic efforts to take on new challenges in order to realise sustained growth within the group

Based on The Drinks Group Holdings corporate philosophy of “striving to achieve happiness and prosperity together with people and society as a whole,” we have sought to raise corporate value while working with all our customers, business, local communities, business partners, and employees to bring about harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity.

The roots of our group lie in our first company back in 2009-the business model of salesmen having a good old fashioned conversation with customers about needs and wants from our business and how we can make arrangements to supply the branded items so wish to buy directly from the source. From there, we began developing, designing and making recipes for our own brand of products, and then we became obsessed and overly excited in the creation of producing good quality brands of spirits and then to beers and wines. Through this process, we have strived for harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity with all our business, and taken on all kinds of challenges to find a path to survival, without fearing failure.

In recent years, the business environment surrounding our group and industry has changed dramatically, and we believe dynamic action is essential for dealing with these sudden changes, realising sustained growth, and raising the corporate value over the medium to long term. Therefore, we have been working on our five-year mid-term business plan to “Challenge the Next Stage” since 2018. To strengthen the foundation of our group’s management and further accelerate efforts to achieve plan objectives, it was decided to shift to a holding company system, starting from Q4, 2018, with The Drinks Group Holdings Ltd being established and the mechanism for these changes.

We will take up the change of creating new corporate value for the next generation by: strengthening group governance, clarifying the responsibilities and authority of each business, achieving continuous growth in cash flow in our core beverage business around the world, and engaging in strategic business investment headed by The Drinks Group Holdings Ltd with consumer investment options and stakeholder investment.

Based on the idea of harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity, we will continue to make full use of the views of all our stakeholders in every stage of our business activities, and our group employees will persist in working as a team to dynamically tackle new challenges.

Chief Executive Officer
The Drinks Group Holdings Ltd

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Global Management

A global team of experts and dedicated people that manage the day to day operations within The Drinks Group sisters companies structure.
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Vision & values

Our vision and values have evolved from within The Drinks Holding group to encompass current times.
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International Presence

The Drinks Group Holdings businesses around the world. A snapshot of the corporate operations, including facilities that make our products, offices and partner locations.

Our Businesses

We have a range of resources through The Drinks Group Holding businesses which includes.

Cognac, Scotch Whisky, pasteurised beer, UK craft beer, Spanish wines,
Bulgarian wines, Italian wines, vodka distilling, gin distilling.

Our Commitment


The company’s core values are to meet the legal and social responsibility.


The Drinks Group Holdings is committed to all future innovations.


With the development of new recipe ideas, which in turn, creates healthier products.


We embrace new and emerging technology to interact and engage with consumers.

Our Quality

As part of the corporate structure, we are striving to achieve ISO standards of operation and product quality throughout all the companies under The Drinks Group Holdings Ltd.